'Anglo' Militia: Christian Patriotism

Today is the anniversary of the triumph of the Protestant State. The Twelfth of July! http://youtu.be/ZAgf8Bn1r68 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_III_of_England

More Blooper (Over-Intellectualism) and Practical Jokes (Postmodern Themselves) on the L.C.M.S.

A pastor claims that “to be ones own administrator of the Word is self-righteous”. (Not just sacraments.) Issues etc on June 12 2014 KFUO AM

I refuse to let the heathen define Christendom spiritually. Nor will i abide with those that have ruined to death their institutions and rally for the cause of others not in affinity.
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Baptized by Fire.

Life—At Conception

While Walking Against The Wind
My Life’s Story

You know it’s a shame you’re so into Jesus. You’re a pretty handsome man and I’d probably rock your world, but sadly you’re religious.

Mar. 14 3:35 AM

Mar. 12 8:30 AM
I get that you are trying to push jesus down my throat bc that’s what the church tells you to do but I wouldn’t waste your time with me.

Mar. 11 8:57 PM
There is nothing wrong with me the way I am.

Mar. 10 6:02 PM
Go back to Church spiritually; then institutionally.

Mar. 10 5:55 PM
I was raised methodist I know all about the supposed jeopardy my soul is in. However I find lacking proof of a loving God.

Mar. 10 5:43 PM
You felt and denied it. Your soul is in jeopardy.

Mar. 10 3:55 PM
I’m getting a very religious vibe. I’m not into the whole Jesus thing

Mar. 10 2:34 PM

Defending the Faith & Apologetics Among the Postmodern? https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChristianSinglesLiving4JesusandLovingit/permalink/724628380904192 This is a real treat.

Futher Reflections on the Sabbath Conspiracy by Sabbatarians and Judaizers

False gospel, false history and false protestantism must be exposed. http://www.bible.ca/7-pope-changed.htm One thing they at this site do fail to recognize is that many Christians’ celebrated both days as well. We homage the Lord’s Day over the Sabbath because it is His day of resurrection and Colossians 2:14-16. We are not as the Unfulfilled Jew so Sabbath observance as required by Jewish Law is not ours. Patriarch Ignatius saw believers “no longer observing the Sabbath, but living in the observance of the Lord’s Day”, and amplified this point as follows: “Let us therefore no longer keep the Sabbath after the Jewish manner, and rejoice in days of idleness …. But let every one of you keep the Sabbath after a spiritual manner, rejoicing in meditation on the law, not in relaxation of the body, admiring the workmanship of God, and not eating things prepared the day before, nor using lukewarm drinks, and walking within a prescribed space, nor finding delight in dancing and plaudits which have no sense in them. And after the observance of the Sabbath, let every friend of Christ keep the Lord’s Day as a festival, the resurrection-day, the queen and chief of all the days.” Source: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/schaff/anf01.v.iii.ix.html. Also. the conspiracy is based on an official change of practice by law, the concern was that it was Judaizing to praise of Saturday. This is exaggerative to say the least. When simply taking church observance into context. The Christian Sabbath on Sunday is more pluasable. Never-the-less claiming sole worship on Saturday and especially obeying Jewish Law is equally erroneous and truly Judaizing. Although saying that Sunday worship is pagan is blasphemy. The so-called Christian Sabbath could be a matter of piety. Which could also have legalistic ramifications. Never-the-less the day of creation’s rest is not nulled as a day, in my opinion.

Todays Christians?
todays Christians are to controlled nby the authorities of this world real followers of jesus don’t live worldly remebr a authority figure smacked jesus in the mouth ,when he talk back to the high priest.then he stopped speaking to them
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  • S Wesley Mcgranor We are lead to believe that a severed relationship with God is best for our temporal condition. This is a travesty.
  • Jon Grant we never severe our relationship with god but only when we put rulers and principalitire before jesus.an dthat is why this world is on fire with killings murders you name it .the 4 gospels make most sense .whne we see love and compassion .the bible is a very danger ous book as it reveals the book of romans where paul glorifies the roman empire authorites .I cannot see paul really talking so well like that about roamn authority .when he gets exacuted by them -that is a very contradictory written book
  • Steven James Salazar This is why I am a Christian anarchist. It is insane how people pledge allegiance to a country that will later be handing them over to be beheaded. It is nonsensical to me. Plus, the Bible identifies human governments as rebellion against God, and that they are all owned by Lucifer. I follow the laws of the land as long as they do not contradict God’s word (Romans 13), but I do not pledge my allegiance to any country. I will not stand up for the national anthem. My country is not of this world and that is the country I pledge allegiance to. There are some Christians who are offended by this; however, they are unable to find any scriptures which states I am wrong. I obey God rather than man..
  • Jon Grant yes you are blessed by the holyspirit to say this .jesuss said give to Caesar what is his and give to got what belongs to him
  • Terri Gleeson I love the study of Paul!
  • S Wesley Mcgranor After Calvary systems changed. America is not right and has contributed to deceiving the world. Sure, the Anabaptist view had merit. But look at the Amish they are just corrupted. Have you seen that show Amish Mafia? We need to regain our Christian systems of governance.
  • Steven James Salazar Thanks Jon, that is true. Give to caeser just don’t call him Lord. Terri, I would love to study more on Paul, do you listen or read anything by N.T. Wright? History shows Christian political powers are corrupted rather quickly
  • S Wesley Mcgranor No, topple Caesar for proper Dominionism.
  • Jon Grant I disagree with the roman book it tells us to act like sheep before authorities no way- I obey gods laws which is to put Christ first.I want no fight with authoritit as thye are brutes with lots of bullets all countris get conquered by who has the better gun and the most bullets.we can win this thing-we walk in the holyspirit john20;22
  • Steven James Salazar Jon, the Book of Romans is not contradictory. Paul isn’t telling us to follow man’s law at the risk of disobeying God. Paul is saying follow the Roman authorities, just not the laws that contradict God’s Word. Paul was in jail for disobeying the Roman authorities when he wrote Romans. So, Paul is saying obey man’s laws as long as they do not contradict God’s laws.
  • Terri Gleeson You know brothers we are living in the end of time as we know it. I try not to concern myself with what is happening out there. Our Heavenly Father gave us the instruction to pray and he will heal our land. WE ARE NOT PRAYING ENOUGH. We have to get beyond all the division of the body of Christ and set our eyes on HIM. Sadly he sheds tears.
  • S Wesley Mcgranor There is a want for the End of Days and it stems from a lack of responsibility.
  • Terri Gleeson While I do believe there are many great authors in the word. Unfortunately even that takes our eyes off of Christ and then does not allow the Holy Spirit to be our teacher. Another tactic of the enemy.
  • Jon Grant well if the romans put him in jail for going aginst their laws by talking of jesus then why would he agree t=its ok to be imprisoned by these samebrutes and they are brutes ,that is why jesus came into the world in the first place to save us from worlSee More
  • Terri Gleeson Very good Steven James Salazar. Couldn’t said it better if I tried.
  • Jon Grant praying can be selfish we want things to go our way -yes pray if you are defeatd inside but speak out praying can hide things and cant correct others if it is hidden
  • S Wesley Mcgranor With Christ and Cross we conquer the World.
  • Steven James Salazar Well, probably because they were a military power and he stood no chance alone. The fact that Paul was beheaded by the Romans for preaching the Gospel demonstrates that it was God’s will for Paul to be there in the first place, probably to witness to those in prison (which he did). That is just a guess. If God wanted Paul out of prison he would have sent angels to retrieve him, but he didn’t; therefore, Paul made the right move. The Book of Romans is actually a masterpiece! Along with the Book of Hebrews! (These are my two favorite books of the Bible.) I don’t see how anyone could not like the Book of Romans..
  • Jon Grant yes but I believ we ned to cong=quer rulers the wold is beautiful when left on its own we got rid of dictators hussen gadafy duck now we need to do away with political parties these people are crooks
  • Steven James Salazar I don’t think I can agree. Christianity once had a monumental amount of political power, and what did we do with that power? We slaughtered a bunch of other Christians who didn’t have the same doctrinal beliefs, and Christianity’s growth immediately became stagnant (it stopped). Christianity seemed to flourish more when it is the politically marginalized and when it is persecuted. I am not 100% on this issue, but right now, this is where I stand, on a fence of uncertainty about Christianity and politics.. lol
  • Jon Grant I believe opinions differ on jesus and what he wants because some Christians are bankers some lawyers I,am carpeter we protect our turf but lets not be to high up the money chain .how can jesus support a wiliam buffet or a bill gates this doe not make sense e -being rich is not of god or jesus an dtaht is why hcristains are in cat fights an di would be the first to start this cAT FIGHT AS I BELIVE IN SIMPLICITY JUST AS GODS IS SIMPLICITY- MANS IS COMPLICATED NO MATTER WHAT RELIGION OR FAITH HE OR HER CHOOSES
  • Jon Grant todays christains are not following the words of jesus they are fixating them to justify why they live worldly I can go toi the gospels and show where jesus says do not use my smallwords to change in your favor but the entire words he speak s-ministSee More
  • Jon Grant I tell the truth from wht my eyes have seen and what my ears have heard in this life and any more little ones fall I will help jesus and point the imposters out in our chritsian mchurches and ministeries a lot of it is a money thing .I will never give up on jesysu he loves us like god loves his son and it is real love of eternity
  • Jon Grant that’s right go all quiet people, truth usually does that
  • S Wesley Mcgranor Going to the Mid-East and taking down a government and building a culture and system of secular democracy is not proper Dominionism nor stewardship. What passes as Christendom popularly today, is not.
  • S Wesley Mcgranor Mr. Salazar, the Papist is satan’s system. We did not slaughter those that had a different doctrine. Are you a Catholic?
  • Jon Grant i want nothing to do with the catholic church my great grandfather qyuit the priest hood so he could marry an dhav e12 kids i am his descendants of course i wqs callled to s-christ in the sky i do not lie of this event
  • Asad Jabbar Once a upon a time three where three little pigs „,Well you know the story , the straw house [ Christianity ] the wood house [ jews ] and the brick house [ Islam ]. And the homosexuals said let me in before I huff and puff and blow your house down…..
  • S Wesley Mcgranor Mr. Jabbar, hope that we will recover to once again subdue you, the Papist and the Jew.
  • Asad Jabbar Don’t even worry about nothing like that Christianity is about to join the great wonders of the world „,
  • Terri Gleeson Jesus loves you Asad.
  • Asad Jabbar I hope so „„
  • S Wesley Mcgranor The sun always shined upon my Red Coat. And one day you will taste Christ Dominionism again, when you either yield to being governed or the sword comes upon your neck. Enjoy the type of the naive and wallow in their sentiments as a pig in the mire.
  • Terri Gleeson Jesus would not talk like this to him………………….
  • Asad Jabbar poetry , nice but„„„„„„„„,
  • S Wesley Mcgranor I am not Jesus, woman. Silence yourself. And if they will not receive then the Lord will cast them to death and hell.
  • S Wesley Mcgranor It is the luke-warm like her, that have permitted you license, oh Mohammedan.
  • Asad Jabbar The evil spirit has ran you crazy , you lost .
  • Terri Gleeson Asad I apologize for him. I just want you to know that a relationship with Jesus is NOT about religion. It is a personal relationship where you actually sense his presence in your life. He loves you so much and when you walk with him life is so good. I pray for you to encounter the HOLY SPIRIT and find him because even now as I type this to you he is reaching out to you. All you have to do is ask him if he is real and He will show you. I’m praying for you.
  • S Wesley Mcgranor Silence yourself infidel! The Lord is master of the Christian religion!
  • S Wesley Mcgranor As for you Mohammedan: beware.
  • Asad Jabbar john 5-30 I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.

    31 If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.
  • S Wesley Mcgranor Welcome to your demise oh Mohammedan; will charlatans hide you in secularization, or bow at your feet in submission? Psalms 9:19
  • Terri Gleeson LORD JESUS COME. And you shall know them by their fruit.
  • Asad Jabbar I don’t know that a matter in which only Allah knows..
  • S Wesley Mcgranor Infidels like Madam Gleeson have taken the Church to ruins, but it still stands. Stand because Christ will not desert it. When America falls, may we regain what we have lost, oh Glorious Triune.
  • Terri Gleeson Asad Jabbar just rest in Jesus, He died for your sins guaranteeing you an entrance into heaven. You will never have to go through life TRYING to get to heaven. He makes the way. Just ignore S Wesley Mcgranor. When you call on the Lord Jesus he answers you. The ONLY unforgivable sin is to reject the free gift of the Holy Spirit. It is that easy. No more fear, no more doubt, no more nightmares.
  • S Wesley Mcgranor Be gone oh naive woman and make no promises for the heathen that refuses, or that God has not called.
  • Terri Gleeson I rebuke you in JESUS NAME! If you continue to interrupt what the Holy Spirit is doing right now I will report you. You are being a disgrace!
  • S Wesley Mcgranor I rebuke you in Jesus name. May the power of Christ compel you!
  • Terri Gleeson Admin Stephen Szustak will you please handle this . Thank You
  • S Wesley Mcgranor Irreligious pawn of transgression you are no match.
    • Asad Jabbar This dude is a clear retard „,so be nice to it„
    • S Wesley Mcgranor Enjoy your companionship for she is your equal.
    • Terri Gleeson We all need Christ Asad. Especially those who are sick. It was so nice to talk with you I hope we can speak again. Tonight when you close your eyes ask him if he is there with you. I think he might just let you knw.
    • S Wesley Mcgranor That’s it, ask the God that you do not accept if he is with you.
      • Jon Grant by being mean to jeuss bad luck happens i sen it in my life i notic ewhen yor a jesus folloer people come out of nowhere to attck an dfalsly accused i belive jesus even more now as he said it would be for those who follow his teaching of gods love
A Realization
Getting ready to go to Church. Starting next week i am going to the local United Methodist church, of which has a service at 9:30am. And then the one i have been going to; which is an Associated Reformed Presbyterian church that starts at 11:00am. None of that anti-denominational fantasy faith for me. Just for the record—both the Methodist and Presbyterian have their institutional origins from Anglicanism. Blessed are you Lord, when the masses realize the institutional church will always be, they will properly come to know and worship you.
From the Ethical Society

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  • Tony Riley
    Tony Riley

    You should quit the Presbyterians and just join the Ku Klux Klan. If enough of your fellow Jew-haters join you, you can get a discount. By the way, Facebook is Jewish, and a major investor in Israel, so maybe you should start boycotting it? By the way, Jesus was an Israeli Jew, you moron.

  • S Wesley Mcgranor
    S Wesley Mcgranor

    Jesus was a fulfilled Jew and is far greater then toppled Jewish culture. You ‘klan’ is stereotype that you commies use. It is based on the Jazz Age group, something that is obsolete in the context of today. Although even then it was not a prerequisite. You are not a Methodist or Protestant for that matter, but a a dead man in a dead church. You know nothing of Christianity and are a typical secular-humanist and unitarian-universalist.

  • Tony Riley
    Tony Riley

    I’m a Jew, you fool. Jesus was a follower of Kaballah, a Jewish sect. Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism. You’re just a bunch of rednecks.

  • S Wesley Mcgranor
    S Wesley Mcgranor

    You are the Whore in Revolution and you ride the Papist to Hell. You are television.

    You are the Whore in Revolution and you ride the Papist to Hell?

    You are television.

    Christianity stands on its own.

  • Tony Riley
    Tony Riley

    You may want to adjust your medication. I think you’re probably allergic to Jews.

  • S Wesley Mcgranor
    S Wesley Mcgranor

    You are a joke of course.

  • Tony Riley
    Tony Riley

    I was trying to give you an excuse. The reality is that you’re just a racist piece of shit who should quit fucking farm animals and go to confess your sins. Reading a few history books might be a good idea too. I love the fact that you Jew-hating inbreeders use Facebook, even though it’s Jewish and a major investor in Israel. It just shows how your IQ is barely in double figures. Now go fuck another pig.

  • S Wesley Mcgranor
    S Wesley Mcgranor

    Listen punk, you are not Christian, you are ahistorical and irreligious regardless of your college degree.

  • Tony Riley
    Tony Riley

    You’re talking of Judaism, the original religion. All of the others are copied from this. Say shalom to your pig. I hope that you’re both wearing condoms.

    You’re talking of Judaism, the original religion. All of the others are copied from this. Say shalom to your pig. I hope that you’re both wearing condoms.

  • S Wesley Mcgranor
    S Wesley Mcgranor

    Silly satanic punk.

  • Tony Riley
    Tony Riley

    Oink oink, you racist loser.

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